Dolly & Birdie are the founders and creative team behind the Hudson Valley Steampunk Group, a steampunk alliance based just 90 miles due north of New York City, dedicated to building bridges of inspiration and goodwill throughout the steampunk community and beyond. As steampunk ambassadors, their goal is to share, inspire, connect, and create through the events, gatherings, and collaborations they coordinate and produce - including, but not limited to... 

Tea Duelling Battles, Afternoon Tea Parties, Themed Dinner Parties, Steampunk event consultation and management, Steampunk event marketing and promotion. 

Ask about our TEAm™ Building Activity for your next corporate event!

What is Tea Duelling, you ask?


Tea Duelling is a noble Steampunk sport of wits, technique and finesse between two individuals. The gathering is known as a Tiffin Party and is presided over by a Tiffin Master/Mistress. It requires audience participation, biscuits, hot black tea and is most entertaining when onlookers are cheering their favorite Duellist and keeping an eye on the opponent. The game begins with each Duellist choosing their “weapon” (biscuit) and preparing to dunk. On the Tiffin Master’s command the Duellists dunk their biscuits into their tea for a count of five; withdrawing on the count… the battle begins! The Duellists stare each other down and watch for signs of a buckling biscuit, trash talking is encouraged. The winner is the LAST person to achieve a clean “nom”.


For a complete list of rules and regulations, please refer to the Articles of the Honourable Association of Tea Duellists.

HV Steampunk Group Mission Statement

To introduce Steampunk to our region by sharing, inspiring, connecting, and creating.

Where do we do this?

Our main focus is in and around the beautiful and historic Hudson Valley region of New York State, just 90 miles due north of NYC. But, we are of global mind and reach.

How do we do this?

HVSP does this through the fun, creative, cultural, often historically inspired and community-minded gatherings, events and collaborations we support and produce in our beautiful and historic Hudson Valley and beyond. 

​We invite you to embark upon grand adventures with us and our diverse Steampunk community.

What is Steampunk?

In its most simplistic terms, Steampunk is a retro-futuristic ideology that is inspired by the late Victorian era. It is an alternate reality where time travel exists, where steam-powered technology melds seamlessly with futuristic technological pursuits. It is a fantastical place where travel by airships, spider tanks and submarines are as common as traveling by planes, trains and automobiles. Steampunk is an eclectic world of cogs and rivets, goggles and steam, romance and adventure, imagination and invention.


So delve into your inner imaginarium and join us on our Steampunk journey.

If you are new to steampunk and not sure where to begin, attending one of our events is a great way to get started. You do not have to be in costume. At our events you can: meet us, ask questions, and see different styles of dress and creativity. We are a friendly bunch and will be happy to talk to you about all things Steampunk!

If you are a seasoned time-traveler, we welcome you aboard!



We DO NOT tolerate any obscene or harmful words or behaviors from our attendees. This is a safe place for all of us. Our gatherings are open and accepting, supporting all who may join us, building bridges of kindness and goodwill.